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Custom Silicone Wristbands At Australia's Lowest Prices!

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Whether you’ve got a charity to raise awareness for or you would like to raise funds for your organisation, Custom Printed Wristbands are an excellent option. Also known as gel bracelets, they’re easily customisable for anything you might need and can be created quickly so you can start using them right away. They’re inexpensive as well, which makes them incredibly useful in a variety of different situations.

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Custom Printed Wristbands For Your Next Event Or Fundraiser

We offer a number of options as well as plenty of ways to customise the bracelets so you can find what you need today. We offer a low-price guarantee, free design service, and fast production so you can get custom wristbands delivered to your business as fast as possible.

The History of Gel Wristbands

Around since the 1980’s, gel bracelets or wristbands are made from silicone and incredibly easy to customise. They’re mainly known as awareness bracelets because they can be used to raise awareness for charities or sold as a fundraiser. They’ve been incredibly popular in recent years, with more types of businesses choosing to purchase and customise them for their needs.

These bracelets are not always plain silicone, either, as they can now be designed to glow in the dark or can be made with glitter to really stand out. Today, the options are just about unlimited as there are a variety of styles available and you can customise them to meet your needs. Since many of these bracelets can be worn at one time, they’re an excellent promotional item for just about any organisation.

Low-Cost and Fun Promo Item with Unlimited Uses

These wristbands are popular with organisations because they’re so inexpensive. They can be worn by just about anyone, and many people do enjoy wearing multiple bracelets at once to show off charities and other non-profit organisations they might be interested in. These bracelets can be completely customised, from the way they’re made to the colour and how they’re printed. This affords unlimited uses for the wristbands and, with the low cost, makes them perfect for just about any business or cause.

Use Wristbands to Raise Funds

Since the 1980’s, Silicone Wristbands have been sold by a huge number of organisations as a way to raise funds for charity. They’re inexpensive for the organisation to purchase and are usually purchased in bulk, helping keep the cost down. They can then be sold for a low cost to individuals, with the profits going directly to the charity or non-profit organisation. The low cost and attractive qualities mean it’s possible many of them will be sold, helping raise funds quickly despite selling for a low price.

Use Wristbands to Raise Awareness

Whether they’re used to raise funds or given away by a charity organisation, the gel bracelets are known for their effectiveness at raising awareness. Those who purchase or are given the wristbands are likely to wear them often. Anyone who sees them can often recognise the wristbands from a distance, putting the charity in the front of their mind. They’re easy to share as well, so many people will share the bracelets they get with others, helping spread awareness further.

Use Wristbands for VIP or Special Attendees

These bracelets aren’t just for charities or non-profit organisations. They’re perfect for identifying VIPs or special attendees at any event. Bright colours make them easy to spot from a distance, so it’s easy to identify certain groups or make sure no one enters a special access area without the wristband. The Tyvek wristbands are perfect for this, as they cannot be shared as easily as the gel bracelets, but still can be spotted from a distance. They’re perfect for one-day events and fit most people easily. They can also be completely customised for use at any event.

Choose Custom Wristband Options

No matter the reason, if you’re purchasing these wristbands, you’re going to want to look into customising them. This lets you choose the colour, printing method and more. Any vibrant colour can be used for the Custom Printed Wristbands and there are multiple sizing options available for the different styles.

Though there is not usually sufficient space for a large logo, small logos can be used. You can have your business name, charity name, or other words printed onto the wristbands. Simple logos are best and can be combined with words to really make a statement. You can even use a multi-colour or printed background to really make the wristbands stand out. All of the options are up to you and what you’re looking for as you design the perfect promo item for your organisation.

If you need help designing the right wristbands for your business or charity, we can help. Our options are listed on the website and you can fill out a brief form to get a quote for your custom wristbands today. See how cost-effective it can be to create these fun, inexpensive bracelets on our website.

Popular Options for Today

You can choose the standard wristband, but you may want to look into some of the more popular options today. While the standard gel bracelets are still popular, we have more options that can help your cause stand out further. Skinny bracelets can include a very small logo as well as any words you’d like to add and can be purchased in a variety of colours. They’re perfect for stacking together. We also offer glow in the dark bracelets to stand out at night, embossed or printed wristbands, and even glitter bracelets to add a little bit of sparkle.

Are you looking for a cost-effective way to advertise your business, charity, or non-profit organisation? Are you looking for an easy way to check VIP access or special access to events or to raise funds? Our Silicone Wristbands are going to be the perfect option. Check out the different styles and customisation options now or contact us to work with a design specialist today. We’ll make sure the wristbands are perfect and have them shipped to you fast.