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Eco Friendly Lanyards, Promotional Eco Lanyards, Business Eco Lanyards


Is your company or business eco-friendly? One of our eco-friendly lanyards may be the best choice for your organisation. We have four different eco-friendly lanyards for you to choose from. The plant silk lanyards are made from stem waste of harvested crops, and the printing is available in 4 colours. The recycled pet dye sub lanyards have a polyester material made from recycled bottles. The make of these lanyards allows you to use any colours of your choice. The recycled pet lanyards are made from recycled bottles as well, but you have a choice of only 4 colours. We even have lanyards made from bamboo fiber. The bamboo fiber lanyards can be dyed to a colour of your choice, however it would be more eco-friendly to leave them without dye. These eco-friendly lanyards great to hand out as promotional gifts at any eco-friendly company or business. They are also perfect to give to employees and security guards to attach their IDs to, at environmental based events.