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Is your company or business eco-friendly? One of our eco-friendly lanyards may be the best choice for your organisation. We have four different eco-friendly lanyards for you to choose from. The plant silk lanyards are made from stem waste of harvested crops, and the printing is available in 4 colours. The recycled pet dye sub lanyards have a polyester material made from recycled bottles. The make of these lanyards allows you to use any colours of your choice. The recycled pet lanyards are made from recycled bottles as well, but you have a choice of only 4 colours. We even have lanyards made from bamboo fiber. The bamboo fiber lanyards can be dyed to a colour of your choice, however it would be more eco-friendly to leave them without dye. These eco-friendly lanyards great to hand out as promotional gifts at any eco-friendly company or business. They are also perfect to give to employees and security guards to attach their IDs to, at environmental based events.

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These days, all businesses want to be kinder to the Earth and generally operate in a greener and more sustainable way. That’s something that should most definitely be commended, and ti should apply to every little thing a business does. That’s why we’ve created a range of eco lanyards that are friendly to the Earth. So if you want your business to reduce its carbon footprint, waste less and become more eco-friendly, these are the lanyards for you.

Every small choices makes a difference when it comes to being green and helping the planet. Not only will this make your business greener, it will also change the way in which people look at your brand. People care about green issues, so make people will see a more favourable and positive brand when they know you’re doing more to go green.

Why Purchase Eco-Friendly Lanyards?

There are many reasons to choose lanyards for your business. It often comes down to wanting to promote your brand while offering some sort of identification without using uniforms. They’re small, easy to use, simple to care for and they do the job you need them to do. In terms of why you should choose an eco-friendly option, it’s all about giving your brand more positive exposure and simply running your company in a more responsible and sustainable way for the environment.

The Different Types of Eco-Friendly Lanyards We Offer

There are a few different options to decide from when you decide to go down the eco-friendly lanyard route. You don’t have to be stuck with one option and we know that’s important to customers. Each of the options we offer is unique, yet they’re all reliable and great for the planet. Learn more about the options below now.

Plant Silk

Fibres inside plants can actually be woven into a material that looks and feels like silk. One of the main benefits of choosing plant silk over the other options is its incredible resilience. All the options are strong, but plant silk lanyards are incredibly sturdy. They’ll hold up well for years to come and the material can take a range of colors very well too, meaning you’ll be able to achieve the aesthetic you're striving for.

Recycled Plastic Bottles

This might sound like a strange one, but it’s a fantastic way of creating striking lanyards while helping to recycle more too. The plastic bottles get melted down and then the long, thin fibres created are woven to create the material that our lanyards are made from. They can then be dyed and the customisation options you need can be added very easily, creating a vibrant finish you won’t be disappointed by.

Milk Protein Fibre

Milk protein fibre is also known as casein fibre and it’s created by evaporating milk in its liquid form and then spinning the pulp that gets left over. This eventually create a thread that’s usable for making lanyards. And despite it not necessarily sounding like it, these lanyards are very strong and sturdy. They can be customised however you want them to be customised and they’ll remain sturdy for as long as you need them to.

Bamboo Fibre

This is a very popular option whenever people are looking for eco-friendly materials to use. Bamboo is a sustainable and green material because its plentiful and it grows very quickly in the wild. From its original bamboo form,it’s easy to spin and weave in order to great a strong lanyard with plenty of dying options to make your business’s lanyards look exactly the way you want them to look. So this is definitely an option to consider.

A Fantastic Keepsake

Promoting your brand is obviously always going to be really important, and one way in which you can do it is by offering people these lanyards at events. They can take the lanyards away with them, appreciate the green mission you’re going on and help you promote brand awareness in the process. You can choose between a range of custom options and have your logo and brand name printed on them too. Of course, you can choose the colour that’s right for you too.

Many companies choose lanyards and there are many reasons for it. These eco-friendly options fulfill exactly the same functions and offer the same possibilities as normal lanyards, so there’s plenty you can do with them. They can offer ID, hold pass cards or be used for promotional uses. It’s entirely up to you. Get in touch if you want to learn more or order some of your own.