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Custom Name Badges & Name Tags For Events.

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If lanyards with ID card holders are not your thing, try out custom or interchangeable id badges for your staff. We have low minimum orders and rapid turnaround times on orders and we send you a written quote, obligation free within 30 minutes. We also sport a free mockup service, lowest prices in Australia guaranteed and we will not be beaten on our range of ID accessories, name badges or event ID solutions. Don't delay, if your event is fast approaching then we can get the exact product you are looking for prior to your conference or seminar day.

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Name Badges Promote Your Brand & Create Staff Uniformity

Custom plastic name badges are quite a simple, elegant and professional way of promoting your business and brand. You must have seen waiters in the restaurants wearing them. But waiters are not the only people who need them. Corporate office employees, event staff, concierge service providers, flight crews etc. are all examples of people who really need name badges. You might think that the only purpose of a name badge is to display the name of a person but that’s not it. Professionally done name badges send a very strong impression about your business, business ethics and attitude of your employees.

The Many Ways Name Badges Are Used

If you have gone to an airport to book a ticket, you know the airline staff is always wearing name badges. This shows that a name badge can become a first passive introduction of the person to you. You don’t have to ask their names rather you can call them with their names by looking at the name badge. When you want plastic name badges for your business, it is best to have your business logo included as well. So, on one side of the badge it will be your business logo and on the other side it will be the name of your employee. This is a very formal and professional approach to wearing name badges.

If you are a business where fun is a crucial factor, you could be creative with what goes on the badge. For example, you could have your employee’s name printed on top and a funny nickname right beneath the real name. So, if you have a programming guy named Jim at your workplace, you could put his name “Jim” on top and a nickname “the coding genius” right below the name. Similarly, if you run a restaurant you can have the names of your waiters inked on the badges and a funny food related line under their name. Since you know your business the best, you will know how far you can go with fun statements on your badge.

Sometimes you can combine professionalism, formalism and fun on your name badges. Think about a big shoe store where employees are given name badges according to their specialties and skills. For example, you could have a badge with an employee’s name on it with a statement under the name that goes like, “I am the formal shoes specialist”. The options are unlimited and with every creative name badge, you are leaving a print of your brand in the minds of your customers.

Before Ordering Name Badges

There is a lot of stuff that needs to be considered before you order a bunch of name badges. First, you need to see how good the company is whose services you are about to take. The best way to check that is to read a few online reviews from their customers. Next, you want to know how good are the materials they are using for making these badges. Lanyards Factory uses high quality ABS plastic to ensure you get the most durable badges with a thin structure. Keep in mind that a heavy name badge will pull the shirt destroying the whole look of the employee.

Depending on your needs, you should also get options to choose from various types of fasteners. Magnet fasteners, clips and pins are some of the options and your vendor should offer all these options. Since different methods have different finishes, you should have options there too. Lanyards Factory currently has the best embellishment options available including ink fill, laser engraving, stamping, printing and etching. With a dpi that’s pretty close to 1000, the final print looks more consistent than any print result you would have seen before.

Depending on what type of artwork and how much content you want on your name badges, you might need bigger or smaller sized name badges than the standard sizes. This is another area where Lanyards Factory excels from its competitors. The size of your name badges depend on you. You can choose the sizes or just tell us the matter you want to go on your badge and we will suggest you the best size according to the details. The impression of a name badge depends greatly on its print quality and the size proportions of the badge itself and the content on it.

Contact Lanyards Factory

At Lanyards Factory, we have been providing our customers with lanyards, name badges, ID card holders and other related solutions for years. We believe in providing only the best quality to our customers and going an extra step when it comes to their particular needs – hence the customisable solutions. It does not matter if you haven’t come up with any artwork or design ideas for your name badges because we can do the designing for you. Call us right now to let us know your exact requirements and we will surely be able to fulfill your order.