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Executive woven & jacquard woven lanyards


Woven lanyards are durable and built to last. They can be customised with your company name or logo woven right into the lanyard itself. When the print is woven into the lanyard, you never have to worry about your company name fading from your promotional lanyards. Here, there are two different woven lanyards for you to choose from. The satin applique lanyards have a satin finish over a polyester make up, which your company name or logo can be woven right into. The executive woven lanyards have a make-up similar to a jacquard finished weave, carry a professional look, and comes in 4 different colours. These lanyards are great for offices, big companies, or big events where IDs or security badges are required. The durability of these woven lanyards ensures that your company name will always stand out to whoever lays their eyes on them. They can also cut back on the cost of replacing lost ID cards or access cards.