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Executive Woven & Jacquard Woven Lanyards

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Woven lanyards are durable and built to last. They can be customised with your company name or logo woven right into the lanyard itself. When the print is woven into the lanyard, you never have to worry about your company name fading from your promotional lanyards. Here, there are two different woven lanyards for you to choose from. The satin applique lanyards have a satin finish over a polyester make up, which your company name or logo can be woven right into. The executive woven lanyards have a make-up similar to a jacquard finished weave, carry a professional look, and comes in 4 different colours. These lanyards are great for offices, big companies, or big events where IDs or security badges are required. The durability of these woven lanyards ensures that your company name will always stand out to whoever lays their eyes on them. They can also cut back on the cost of replacing lost ID cards or access cards.

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What Are the Benefits of Woven Lanyards?

Your company will benefit first and foremost when you choose the best woven lanyards, and there are plenty of different instances in which these might be used. Some businesses use them for high level business conferences in which these lanyards can be handed to delegates as a memento to take away with them. They’re also perfect for when your business needs to give ID to members of staff or people holding visitors badges for events or when they simply need to visit your headquarters.

How to Choose the Right Woven Lanyard

There are lots of different factors that come into play when choosing a woven lanyard to meet your business’s needs. First of all, you need to think about what colour your lanyards need to be. You want them to look elegant and professional, and having the right colour will be a big part of that. There are also hook and clips that can be used to make them more functional.

We have structured satin applique lanyards that look really impressive, so you should consider those too. With streamlined widths, you will be able to ensure your lanyards carry all the essential information that you want to add to them.

We offer a no obligation price quote, allowing you to check out all of these options and design which type of high-quality woven lanyards are right for you. Get this right and your business will look like a higher quality one too.

What Are Custom Woven Lanyards?

With a custom woven lanyard you can have your company’s name and logo woven into the design of the lanyard, making it look of the highest quality and specific to your brand. The name and logo will be integrated into the material, not simply added as an afterthought.

This also means that your details will not wash off or peel away over time because that’s just not possible. They’ll continue to look bright, clear and presentable no matter how long you use them for. There’s no danger at all of those vital details being lost over time.

You’ll be able to customise the lanyards in whatever way you like, ranging from the colour combinations you think best fit your business and your lanyards to the attachments you want to use.

Easily Identify Employees Without a Uniform

If you need a way of identifying your employees, these lanyards offer the perfect way of doing it. You’ll be able to pick out an employee instantly when they’ve got a lanyard with the company name and logo on it around their neck. They’ll be representing your business while wearing it without you having to go as far as investing in uniforms, which many companies consider to be outdated now.

Cost Effective

Once you have your high-quality custom lanyards, you won’t have to spend any money looking after them. They can be washed very easily and they won’t get very dirty to begin with. Contrast that with uniforms that have to be washed, dried and occasionally replaced. In comparison, custom lanyards are so much more cost effective, and that’s just one reason why you should consider them rather than opting for staff uniforms.

Simple to Care For

With uniforms, people outgrow them and they have to be ordered in every time you hire someone new. With lanyards, everyone has the same size, color and style. And they’re never going to be outgrown or ruined. They can be passed on to new employees when old ones leave, and they’re just so easy to care for. There’s nothing complicated about the process at all, and you can’t say that about uniforms.

Easy to Store

As well as being easy to care for, they’re also very easy to store once you have them. You can simply through them in a drawer or a box and they’ll be just fine. Whereas, if you chose uniforms, the storage space for them would have to be quite significant and that’s obviously not ideal for small businesses or even medium-sized businesses that are pressed for space as it is.

Multiple Functions

Lanyards can offer ID, they can hold pass cards that allow access to the office, they can contain contact information or simply show off who the person wearing it is representing and working for. They’re also great promotional items for all kinds of businesses. To put it simply, these items have multiple functions, and that’s pretty impressive for something so small and so simple. Get in touch and talk to us about creating your custom woven lanyards today.