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Retractable Badge Reels & ID Pullers At LOW Prices.

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We offer a wide range of retractable ID badge reels for all of your professional needs. Each of our retractable ID reels are great for fitting to ID cards, access credentials and even hooking to our lanyards with a matching card holder. All of the reels shown here can be customised with the company name logo, or design of your choice. These pullers are designed for companies to hand out to employees that have to keep ID cards, or access cards on them at all times. It allows them to visibly carry their ID or badge, and if needed, they can pull it out to swipe it, and it will safely retract back to its original position. 

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Making Security Convenient With Our ID badge reels

The Lanyards Factory is your one-stop destination for retractable badge ID reels & pullers. Over the years, the concept of handing out badges to employees has grown, with companies using it for identifying their employees. That being said, your employees might consider looking after and caring for a badge a hassle, because not only do they have to hold on to it over the course of the working day but also make sure they don’t lose it. This is because if they lose their ID card or access card, you will have to replace it for them, which is an inconvenience and not to mention, can be expensive over time.

You can make the task easier for them by providing custom badge ID reels and pullers. The retractable design means that the badges don’t take up much space and are convenient to carry. Plus, it can accommodate any type of card you want your employees to carry. This includes ID cards, access cards, and any biometric cards that you may be using for tracking attendance or shift timings. The best part is that we can customise the puller and reel based on your brand. This means that not only will your employees be able to carry their cards but also represent your company at the same time.

What We Offer

We offer no less than 5 types of retractable badge ID reels and pullers. This gives you plenty of variety to choose from and you can select the one you feel best suits your needs and is the most aesthetically pleasing. Our range of badge ID reels and pullers include

  • Medal Edge Pullers
  • Metal ID Pullers
  • Standard Pullers
  • Dome Badge Pullers
  • Dome Pullers

You can even ask your employees about the design they will feel more comfortable with carrying. At the end of the day, they are the ones who will have to carry the reels and pullers, so it is only fair if you involve them in the discussion. Plus, we will customise the product according to your brand, so it becomes an extension of your brand and you can use it as a promotional tool.

Benefits of Retractable Badge ID Reels and Pullers

  • Make Life Easier for Your Employees: Do you require your employees to carry cards around at work? The cards can be used for any purpose, for instance accessing the workplace, punching in and out when they start and complete their shift, or for basic recognition. Carrying their cards around can be a hassle but with a retractable reel or puller, they find it easier to keep their cards on hand. They simply have to extend the reel and use it and the reel will retract right away.

  • Prevent Loss (of Time and Money): When each employee is carrying around a card, there is always the risk that someone will end up losing his/her card. Not only can this be a hassle, particularly if your employees use their cards for getting in and out of the office. Replacing the cards can lead to a loss of time and money. At the end of the day, you don’t want to be replacing cards all the time.

  • Promote Your Business: Lanyards Factory will customise the reels and pullers based on your brand’s logo and design. This means that you can use the badge ID reels and pullers for promoting your business. You can hand the customised products to people at trade shows or conferences, where you can promote your business. Plus, your employees will be carrying these ID reels and pullers all the time and therefore be de facto ambassadors for your business.

There is little doubt that retractable badge ID reels and pullers can be a handy tool for your employees, making their lives easier and in the process saving you the hassle and cost of lost cards. Plus, you can use them as promotional tools, which further adds to the value you can derive from the customised products we offer.

If you are looking for quality retractable badge ID reels and pullers, get in touch with Lanyards Factory without delay and we can discuss your needs.