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Standard ID Pullers



Enjoy increased convenience with retractable card holders, with multiple applications in security, organisation and badge carrying. Have your card on your holster, attached to your waist and easily draw it out security checkpoints, swipe terminals and anywhere else it is needed.

Offered in numerous shapes and appearances with the ability to attach it to a lanyard having it stored around the neck. Retractable badge pullers available to use in conjunction with light keys and swipe keys cards.


Our Standard ID Pullers Will Keep Your Organisation Secure

Although these are our standard ID pullers, you have the ability to customise them to look anything but standard. You can have a company name, logo, or any other design, printed on the front of them. This is a promotional feature that can help you expand your business, or promote a special event. The design or name of your choice can be printed on each standard puller, in up to 4 various pantone colours. A lot of different companies, businesses, or special events require an ID or access card to be with employees at all times. Our standard pullers can be used to handout to employees, giving them a safe and visible place to carry their ID or access cards. This will also help cut down on having to spend needless time and money replacing employee ID cards. Or, you can give them to clients as thank you gifts, and help promote your business at the same time.