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Frequently Asked Lanyard Questions

What are the main lanyard types that you sell?

Our biggest selling lanyard is definitely our polyester printed lanyards; you can have your choice of text or logo printed onto the material for an affordable lanyard that's suitable for a range of events, functions, expos and in house use for various circumstances.

Second to the polyester lanyard would be our dye sublimated range however we sell several different types of lanyard, offering both a choice of materials and styles. Our selection includes woven lanyards, eco lanyards, satin applique, nylon and tube polyester lanyards, and much more.

Woven lanyards have extra strength due to their woven polyester makeup and also allow your logo to be woven directly into the material. You can also choose tube lanyards, which use polyester stitched into a tube. There are also nylon lanyards that offer a high quality finish suited to more complex prints, with thick material and with a shiny surface that's ideal for making printed text and logos stand out.

Is there a minimum order?

The minimum order for our lanyards varies by product. Most custom styles have a minimum order of 50 units, while other products have a minimum order of 100 or 250 units. Products in our express store have a very low minimum order of 10 or don't require a minimum order. Each product page tells you the minimum order of units that you would need to order. Please remember we offer huge discounts on wholesale volume and the more units of an item you order the lower the price per unit drops.

What attachment options are available?

You can find a number of different attachment styles available with our lanyards. These include clips such as alligator clips and ID card clips, as well as dog clips and G clips. Other types of clip include trigger clips, safety release clips and short release clips.

There are also split rings, whistles, phone and camera holders and ski pass holders. Some of our fittings are available colour matched. As well as standard fittings, you can also discover a range of special fittings for some of our products, which offer different shapes and strengths.

What is the best lanyard style for complex logos?

Nylon lanyards are best for more complicated logos. Polyester is also very good thought not quite as tightly woven as nylon. Woven lanyards aren't the best option for displaying highly complex logos but there is a lot of detail possible so consult our team for info. We will assist with your material selection to ensure you get the best possible outcome.

How long are your lanyards?

A standard lanyard is 90cm before being sewn and looped. And a bit shorter once it has been sewn and assembled. We have ensured that these are the ideal length for most adults to wear comfortably around the neck. Ask us about options for custom sizes or kids sizes.

How wide will my lanyards be?

Our lanyards come in a range of standard widths, from thin 5mm to a thick 25mm. Talk to someone from our team about what width is best for your needs.

Do you sell badge holders?

Absolutely! we have a choice of badge holders, including ID card holders and retractable badge reels. ID badge and card holders are available in a number of sizes in both portrait and landscape styles. Other options available include hinged ID folders with more space, rigid ID holders, open face plastic holders, leather holders and even luggage tags. Sizes include 88cm x 54cm, 100cm x 100cm, A6 and A7 ID holders. Our badge holders can include carabina pullers, metal edge pullers and metal ID pullers, as well as chrome badge reels.

How long will my order take?

We have the production capability to make up to 40,000 lanyards a day. We offer same day production and can offer same day dispatch on some products if you order before 2pm AEST. If you have an urgent deadline, just get in touch to find out what we can do for you. Other orders can be produced and delivered in only five days, wherever you are in Australia.

How can I find out which products are available overnight?

Take a look at our Express Store to see the products that we keep in stock. We are able to ship these overnight so that you can receive your order the next day if you order before 2pm AEST.

How can I customise my order?

You can customise your order from The Lanyards Factory in several ways. There are options including different colours, attachments and accessories. Of course, you can also print your logo or your choice of text onto your order of lanyards or other accessories, such as retractable badge holders.

What colours can I choose?

We have a selection of standard stock material colours for our products, but also the option to customise. With the Pantone colour matching system, you can choose a custom colour to have your lanyards and accessories printed in any colour that you want.

How will my order be shipped?

We use DHL express, Startrack and Australia post to deliver our products. Your order will be delivered straight to your door and we will try our best to get it there as soon as possible.

How do I place an order?

We have tried to make our ordering process as easy as possible. Start by sending us a message detailing your needs, so that we have a written record of your order. If you're not sure yet what you need, speak to us over email or phone for advice. We produce a digital sample of what you have asked for, which you will be asked to approve. After approval, we send a summary of your order along with a reference number. We then get to work on production, and you should receive all products on the date requested. We issue an invoice for payment and our payment options include bank transfer, credit card and paypal.

Do you have a design service?

Again, ABSOLUTELY! We offer a free design service from our talented design team to take the hard work off your hands. Just get in touch to find out more about how we can help you.

What eco-friendly lanyards do you have available?

Many businesses want to take a green approach to both business events and the day-to-day running of their company. Eco-friendly lanyards can help you to do this, and we have a range of options to help you make your business greener. These include plant silk lanyards, recycle PET dye sub, screen printed PET lanyards, and bamboo fibre lanyards. All of these are excellent choices if you want to make green choices for your business.

Do you have safe lanyards for medical settings?

People working in hospitals or other medical settings usually need to carry some form of ID for security purposes. However, wearing a lanyard might seem unsafe in a medical setting. Fortunately, some lanyard styles are ideal for environments where safety is important. We offer adjustable lanyards and multi safety lanyards, which are both good choices for maintaining safety. They both have clips that can be quickly undone to help prevent accidents with lanyards getting caught. Browse hospital and medical lanyards here.

Do you have wrist lanyards?

Our wrist lanyards offer a shorter option that can be worn around the wrist instead of around the neck. They can still be customised with our modern printing technology, produced in a range of colours and widths, and can be delivered with a choice from our selection of attachments and accessories.

What if something goes wrong with my order?

We always try our best to meet your needs when you place an order with us. If something doesn't go perfectly, we will do all that we can to correct the problem. For example, if we don't have an item available, we can replace it with an alternative to ensure you still get what you need. If you receive any items that are not as per approved artwork then we can remake them for you to deliver the quality that you deserve.

What other products do you sell?

As well as lanyards, we also have printed ribbon, pet leads, luggage straps and wristbands. All of these products are available to customise for your business or for other purposes.