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Safety Lanyards, OHS Health & Safety Compliant Lanyards

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These safety lanyards are one of the many different types of lanyards that we offer. However, if you’re in a business where something hanging around your neck can possibly get caught on something, these safety lanyards may be your best option. There are three different safety lanyards for you to choose from. The high VIZ lanyards, the adjustable lanyards, and the multi-safety lanyards. The high VIZ lanyards are perfect for people who work at night, due to their reflective strip. The adjustable lanyards come with safety fittings, and can be sized to fit your immediate needs. The multi-safety lanyards also come with safety clips that can be undone in case the lanyard gets caught. Each one of the above mentioned lanyards can be printed with your company name or logo on them. Making them great promotional gifts, as well as an added piece of safety equipment for your employees. Read More

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Safety Lanyards Your Staff Can Trust

Lanyards Factory takes pride in making some of the highest quality lanyards. We have always been keen to explore new ideas, technologies, and materials to come up with the best products possible. We understand the use of lanyards in different industries and professional environments. As simple as they look, a lot of thought has to go behind making lanyards because customers’ needs can be different. Colour, dimensions, material, etc. are the common things that need to be considered before you purchase lanyards, there are other things that are just as important. The most important thing for any worker in the world is safety.

What connection do lanyards have with safety? Well, there is a huge connection and the existence of safety lanyards is a proof of that. Think about people who have to wear lanyards but are working near machines or tools in which the long ribbon can get stuck. In some professions, you have to work with tools and they can get entangled in lanyards. This is when you have to consider safety lanyards that comply with occupational health and safety. Here are some reliable safety lanyards that Lanyards Factory has available in its stock.

High Viz Lanyards

People who work at night are exposed to many different types of dangers. Whether you are working on the roads or in the mines, night duty can be a huge challenge. Not only do you have to deprive your body from a good night sleep but you are exposed to many other dangers just because you are virtually invisible while working at night. High VIZ lanyards, as the name might tell, are created for individuals who do their duties at night. These lanyards are highly visible even when there is dark. There are stripes on these ribbons made from a material that glows at night.

Despite their luminescence, you don’t have to compromise on the branding factor. You can still have your logo, artwork and mission statement printed on the lanyard just like you have it printed on a regular lanyard. To make it more easily visible at night, you can pick a wider ribbon. This will allow the luminescent strip to be bigger and more visible.

The Multi-Safety Lanyards

Lanyards are really harmless inventions that help your ID cards to hang around your neck. They are also a great way to market a business. However, they can be extremely dangerous for certain individuals. Think about someone working in close vicinity to a machine. If a lanyard gets caught in the machine, it could even result in death. Is the only solution to this problem not wearing lanyards? That’s not the case at all. Safety lanyards have been created with such scenarios in mind and they are a perfect solution to this problem. Basically, these lanyards have multiple snaps fitted on them for safety purposes.

Let’s suppose a worker’s ID card gets caught in some equipment. If it’s a moving machine, a regular lanyard will pull the worker into the machine with it. On the other hand, multi-safety lanyards have snaps on either side of the ribbon. As soon as the lanyard gets pulled with a certain amount of force, these snaps separate from each other. The good thing is that you can decide how many snaps you want on your ribbon. To guarantee total safety you should always look for at least 4 or 6 snaps in total. Since it can be difficult to fit your logo and artwork because of the multiple snaps, you can leave this task to Lanyards Factory – we have done it before and we can do it for you too.

Adjustable Lanyards

Just like multi-safety lanyards, these lanyards can also be used by people who are working close to the machinery and equipment in which a regular lanyard can easily get stuck. With this type of lanyard, you can change the size of the lanyard loop based on your needs. When you don’t want the card hanging well below your neck, you can adjust it accordingly. The mechanism for adjustment is located on only one side to allow the other side to be available solely for your artwork, company logo and name. Just like other lanyards, this lanyard also allows you to connect different types of clips and attachments to it based on your needs.

With Lanyards Factory, you can choose from all the different colours for lanyards and other accessories. You can also choose from various widths of the ribbon since not all artwork easily fits on a narrow ribbon. The available ribbon widths are 10mm, 15mm, 20mm and 25mm. The 25mm ribbon is wide enough to allow complex artworks, rounded logos and big font statements to be easily printed on it. IT also has the strongest impression since it is most easily visible even from a significant distance.