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Clear ID Badge Holders & Card Holders

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Don't settle for low quality, cheap ID holders for your event. Our card rigid ID holders are all double glued and bonded for superior durability. They are also produced from a semi rigid material so they withstand being bent or sat on. Our Soft PVC card holders are ideal for single time use and will last your entire event! These ID card holders are all designed to hook to our lanyards range, both printed and plain in stock options which can be delivered next day!

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Employee identification remains of great importance in many industries, and ID card holders are of help in keeping these cards secure at all times. This is of significant concern, as cyber criminals continue to find new ways to steal information that is thought to be protected. When the card is carried close to the body, it becomes harder for information to be copied or stolen, boosting the overall security of the organisation. Employees find their hands aren't tied up either when carrying the card, so they aren't frustrated by this extra burden and they are more likely to make use of the card. For this reason, all organisations should look into the use of badge holders.

The Value Of An ID Card Holder

When an employee ID card is stolen or compromised, an individual gains access to an area they may not otherwise be authorized to enter. Depending on the security clearance level of the individual, this information may then be shared on a network of illegal trading sites, compromising the business or organisation in a variety of ways. For identification cards issued to students, the theft of the card may lead to a person entering a dormitory that they would otherwise be unable to, and these are only two situations where the theft puts a large number of people at risk. The plastic card holders help to secure the card and ensure the information isn't shared or cloned.

The badge holders come with a variety of optional accessories. Nurses, for example, may wish to have a retractable cord for their ID holder, as this ensures the badge doesn't interfere with treatments. A person who works around heavy machinery, in contrast, may wish to have a holder with a clip-on attachment, as they don't want the retractable cord to get tangled up in the machinery and pull them in. These are only two of the many accessories that may be selected for use with the plastic card holder. Regardless of which option is selected, employees find the badge holder to be of great help, as it protects their clothing from damage, such as tears and pin holes.

Selecting The Appropriate Card Holders For Your Event

Each company must determine what they require when it comes to their badge holders. The first thing to be determined is how often the badge will need to be accessed, as this plays a role in which type of ID card holder to purchase along with which accessories. The two items must be compatible to get the most benefit from the card holder. An armband ID holder is available along with loop back and interchangeable plastic card holders. Companies often stick with what they know, but it is best to consider all options when making this selection, as a new product may be of great help, yet the company isn't aware it exists.

Furthermore, a business or organisation needs to decide how visible and prominent they want the ID card to be at all times. Many people mistakenly assume this means a transparent holder is needed, yet it involves much more than this. The card holder must keep the card clean and easily visible, but it also needs to be able to withstand frequent use, as a dirty or torn card holder can lead to delays in verifying a person's identity or ensuring they are permitted to be in a secure area. Verifying this information takes time and pulls someone away from other duties, and both lead to a reduction in productivity and quite often in profits.

One final step a company needs to take is to figure out where the card will be used. If the ID card is to be used to identify an employee to customers, it should provide information about the company issuing the card. This may include not only the company name and the employee's name, but also a logo and the rank or position of the employee. The cards and card holders can be customised in this way easily. When the badge will be worn out in public, not simply to meet with customers but at other times as well, information needs to be easily visible, as this helps to increase brand awareness. On the other hand, if the badge is only worn when the employee is at work and he or she doesn't have contact with the public, little customisation is needed. Make sure these variables are taken into consideration when choosing a badge holder for the optimal return on investment.

In-Stock Or Custom Holders?

Numerous companies opt to go with card holders that are kept in stock. A number of sizes are offered, and these holders are available overnight, in most cases, thanks to Toll priority express shipping. Many businesses choose to keep these ID card holders on hand for those times when they need to call in extra employees for a function or event.

At other times, custom badge holders are preferred because the in-stock options don't meet the needs of the customer. A range of items is offered, including plastic card holders with multiple pockets. Choose from flexible PVC, semi rigid, and rigid versions and request colour-coded strips, for those times when it is necessary to identify individuals from a distance. Companies may choose to add their logo to the ID card holder to increase brand awareness amongst those who see the badge holder, and this is an option every business should consider.

Why Choose Us?

We serve as a leading manufacturer of promotional lanyards, badge holders, ID card holders, printed plastic cards and more and remain focused on the customer at all times. Our goal is to provide customers with top quality products they will love and use regularly, and we have staff members on hand to help if a problem or concern arises. We appreciate feedback from our customers, as we are always looking to improve when it comes to our customer service and product selection.

ID card holders are only one of the many products we have available. Be sure to browse our entire lineup, as we are sure to have something you love. The ID card holders will benefit your organisation in numerous ways, as will every product we offer.