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Hospital Lanyards, Medical Lanyards And PPE Accessories Australia

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Are you in the medical field, and not sure if some of our lanyards would be right for your staff? No problem. We have lanyards that are specifically designed for people who work in any medical field. There are multiple choices of lanyards designed for medical offices, and businesses. The adjustable lanyards and our multi-safety lanyards are designed to ensure staff don't get caught in equipment or strangled and we also offer a silicone lanyard solution which is designed to reduce the harboring of bacteria and can be washed using either anti bacterial solution or boiling water. All items are available plain or branded. Enquire for a wholesale quote today!

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Adjustable Lanyards

The adjustable lanyards come in various colours, and they can be resized to suit your specific needs. Due to the detachable plastic clips, they are great if you and your colleagues worry about getting your lanyard stuck during an emergency situation.

Multi Safety Lanyards

Also come with clips that can be easily undone in an emergency situation, and come in numerous colours as well. There are also different fittings available for this particular lanyard. Both of these products can be customised with your company/business name or logo on them. They are truly tailored to fit anyone in the medical field that is required to carry their credentials on them on a regular basis. Giving these out to the employees in your office provides a safe cardholder alternative while promoting your business name.

Choose The Right Lanyards For Your Staff

Hospitals, government agencies, and council personnel can all benefit from lanyards. They make it easy to carry around essentials like badges and keys, plus they can be easily spotted from a distance to ensure only authorised personnel are in restricted areas. If you’re thinking of purchasing lanyards for your staff members, check out all the options we have available today.

Lanyard Options to Choose From

We offer several different types of lanyards for you to choose from, including customisable and pre-printed options. Our pre-printed options include common phrases to designate security personnel, staff members, and visitors. We also often adjustable lanyards and multi-safety lanyards, both of which are an excellent option for medical personnel.

Customise Staff Lanyards to Meet Your Needs

Once you’ve chosen the type of lanyard you’re interested in, you’ll need to check out the options available to you. You can get a quote to see the cost of the lanyards in the quantity you prefer. To customise, check out the different material colours, widths, and fittings. We have a plethora of different fittings you can choose from, including colour coded, standard, and special.

Look through each of the options carefully to determine which one is going to be the right one for your intended use. For instance, if the straps are going to be used to hold a badge, check out the retractable badge reels, or some of our special fittings to ensure the badge cannot fall off the lanyard.

Look into Add-Ons

While you’re working on designing the perfect lanyard, don’t forget to check out the add-ons we have available. Our badge holders, for instance, are perfect for holding standard size badges to protect them when the lanyard is being used. We offer several different items you can add to your lanyards to ensure they have what you need.

Get Help Designing the Lanyards

If you are not sure of what you need or how the design for your items should look, contact us for help. We offer a design service to help you create the perfect lanyards no matter why you’ll need them. We can review your branding as well as the various options available with you to ensure you’re going to be happy with the lanyards you order from us.

Fast Delivery Options Are Available

All our staff lanyards have a minimum order quantity, usually around 50 lanyards. We can typically rush orders if they meet the minimum and aren’t larger than 40,000 lanyards. In fact, some options can be made and shipped the same day they’re ordered. We have fast shipping for all orders to ensure they will get to you as quickly as possible.

If you need lanyards for a hospital, government agency, or for council personnel, check out the options we have today. We’ll help you design the perfect lanyard for your needs and can have them shipped to you as quickly as possible. We make it easy for you to start using the lanyards right away.