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Australia's #1 Lanyards, Custom Printed At Wholesale Prices.

Lanyards Factory is an Australian company that produces custom lanyards, we are unrivalled in quality, price and turnaround times. We also pride ourselves on our stringent customer service quality, we are always thinking of ways to remain unparalleled with other companies. As a result, We are one of Australia’s prime manufacturers of lanyards for all promotional, event and security needs - and we should be the company that you consider next time you are on the lookout for custom lanyards for your business, or event.

 Lanyards Factory is customer focused and dedicated to producing products that are unbeatable in terms of design, quality, and price, within the fastest possible time frame and in the most efficient manner possible. As a company, we always strive to ensure that each and every client is treated as an individual, and that every client receives an unbelievable level of care so that they are happy, and receive exactly the finished article required. In order to ensure efficiency, and customer satisfaction, we provide every customer with delivery tracking and design progress updates- typically in the form of email for ease of use and convenience. 

Look who's using our Lanyards

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Why Choose The Lanyards Factory?

Are you tired of giving your clients a bog standard lanyard that doesn’t send the right message to your clients? Do your lanyards negatively impact your companies marketing instead of help it? Are you looking to source new and improved designs for your companies lanyards from a reliable supplier? Then you have found the right company to help you out as Lanyards Factory can help you with all of these things. 

We produce carefully designed promotional lanyards that can do wonders for a company’s image. Lanyards are a really versatile item that can be worn by staff, clients and potential clients - helping them out with day to day tasks, and also acting as a really great promotional tool for your brand, activities, products and services. What is not to love about fantastic quality, unique lanyards? As well as a promotional role they also provide the worlds most popular form of identification carrying for ID cards, badges and vip passes.

Lanyards Factory manufactures a large variety of lanyards for a variety of applications including security/ID badges, name tags, and whatever other promotional function that you can think of! Each of our lanyard products have been designed for a specific use and are targeted perfectly to each individual companies target market. We work hard to ensure that each and every lanyard that we produce is of the highest possible quality, and exactly how the company that ordered them envisioned their lanyards to be. We can promise this level of quality and service thanks to the combination of our high end equipment, and our lengthy experience. What is more, thanks to the number of different machines that we have access to, there are loads of different fabric types, and printer options for our customer’s lanyards.

Lanyard Design Not just a promotional product or promo giveaway

As well as the printed variety we also create lanyards in many different styles. For example, you could order lanyards that have been made in woven options, also duo-flex, which is a custom molded peice of PVC sewn between the material of your choice. We also have lanyards that have been made in an earth friendly material solution, are lanyards suitable for use in hospitals, have been developed specifically for ID tags, are for use as printed dog leads and more. Whatever you can think to use your lanyard for, we will help you achieve that! As a company, we are determined to make your life simpler through the lanyard solutions we provide.

Another great factor of the lanyard services we provide is that they are budget friendly. We understand that companies all run on tight budgets and so we want to help them out! We commit ourselves to providing the best quality products and services at the lowest possible prices so that our clients can go away with a product they are happy with, whilst still having happy bank accounts. Not something that every promotional product company can do!

If you are looking for a really unique lanyard design then you need look no further because each and every lanyard design that we produce is drawn up, and created from scratch through collaboration with our in-house design team. So whatever design you have in mind we can help become a reality. Many clients have recommended us to their affiliate companies after buying our products, and experiencing our promotional solutions.


Rapid ship overnight lanyards & id solutions available

All of our stock lanyards can be shipped the same day as orders are placed- so you can be sure to have the promotional products that you need, exactly when you need them. So, as a result, even the clients who need a super quick service will leave happy as we guarantee that they will always receive their products on time. It is our mission to ensure that we do everything possible to stick to our deadlines- so you can be sure that even your most urgent order will be in safe hands when you partner with Lanyards Factory. Even your individually designed, and custom printed orders can be delivered within 5 days- so you can be sure to keep your customers happy, and your business well promoted. 

The buying process is super simple. All you have to do is to discuss your lanyard requirements with our support team and they will then relay your ideas, and lanyard needs to our expert team of in house designers. Our designers then set to work to create your lanyards by coming up with a concept artwork which you will receive as soon as possible, and you will be able to approve or amend it as you see fit. When you and the design team come up with a product that you, as a customer have approved and are happy with, then we manufacture the item at the cheapest prices available within Australia, and get your lanyards shipped out to you asap.

As a company, it is our main mission to continuously better ourselves and provide the greatest lanyards at the most pocket friendly prices. We aim to ensure that all of our customers are happy with the products they receive so that they come back to us again and again. We ensure that our team works together to always deliver customer orders in the shortest time frame possible and that each client’s needs are attended to.

We work for all companies big and small

We are proud to associate ourselves with some of the biggest global brands, check out those that we have worked with above! But to give you an idea, we have created lanyards for clients such as Samsung, Google, Adidas, The University of Sydney, Tom-Tom, Westpac, Bankwest, Ferrari and many more. Could your company be next? The lanyards that we have designed, produced and delivered are amazing in that they are some of the most widespread promotional products available, and have been used around the world- thanks to the number of global companies that have chosen to work with us.

In addition to our awesome designs and seriously stellar service, we also offer reseller discounts and services so that you can ensure that our lanyards either help promote your business, or enable you to make a profit! We have recruited many companies as our resellers and these companies enjoy great privileges and benefits from this endeavour. Resellers receive free artwork, and discounts, quick shipping and ongoing support- a great venture if this is something that you are interested in!

As a result of everything we have mentioned here, you should seriously consider becoming a customer of ours as we can help you and your company to thrive. Give us the opportunity to design, and develop some of the highest quality promotional products that are available today.