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Custom Printed Ribbon



Minimum Order qty: 50 Metres

Custom printed ribbon is a great idea for events and openings, our promotional printed ribbon can boost your brand to clients, and staff as part of a gift hamper wrapping or to decorate an event or conference. Don't hesitate to contact us for a free quote & virtual mockup, we are on standby to assist you!


Branding method

Screen print max 4 colour Or CMYK Digital print (photo print)

Widths available

5, 10, 15, 20, 25mm (Thicker widths available on request. Minimum order quantities apply)

Ribbon Materials Available


Printed Ribbon

The multiple uses of custom printed ribbon

Most individuals are familiar with crime scene tape or caution tape that may be found in certain locations. Although this type of tape isn't the same as printed ribbon, it serves a similar purpose in that it clearly distinguishes an area and draws attention to it. Printed Ribbon can do the same for a business, and creativity is key in generating interest when using this type of material.

Retail Uses

Imagine using this ribbon with the words, "Caution, Sizzling Hot Deal Inside!" or something of that nature. It's sure to bring people to the area to see what the deal is and why it deserves this special attention. This is only one way printed ribbon can be used to generate sales or draw new leads.

Car Dealerships

"Too Hot To Handle" is another message that can be printed on the ribbon and is perfect for a car dealership. Place the ribbon around the latest sports car and have people flocking in to see why this is the case. Obviously, the car dealership needs to have models available to test drive, but this is a way to get people to want to take a drive of this type.


Purchase printed ribbon to advertise the special of the night. Although this may seem cost prohibitive at first, a well-loved special will likely be offered again and again. The ribbon can be used to alert customers to its availability and draw them in on a slow night.

Other Uses

Weddings are a great time to make use of custom printed ribbon. Put the bride and groom's names on the ribbon and the wedding date before decorating the banquet hall, or use the ribbon to direct people to the reception. Do so by lining the street with the ribbon. Graduating classes may choose to make use of the ribbon, and it's perfect for an awards banquet.

Printing Options

Custom printed ribbon can be made with the company's brand name, logo or message printed along the length. Furthermore, the business chooses between single colour printed, multi colour, photographic images and gradient to best meet the needs of their organization.

Minimum Requirements

Be aware there are minimum requirements for this type of ribbon. Individuals and businesses must order 100 or more metres. As a result, this option isn't the best for small weddings, bridal showers and things of that nature. Keep this in mind when discussing this option.

The goal is to bring more people to the item, event or area set off by the ribbon, thus the ribbon needs to reflect the overall image of the business or event. Trendy businesses want something flashy, yet a more conservative business will likely opt for a more conservative look. Regardless of what the client wants or needs, printed ribbon is available. Be sure to check it out today to see how it can be of benefit to your organization or event.