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Metal Edge Pullers

Perhaps one of the more useful ID accessories we stock is retractable card holders also called ski pass holders, wizzers and zingers. These nifty retractors allow easy use and carrying of ID cards, VIP passes and more. This particular model features a sturdy metal design with a heavy duty plastic inner which can be branded with your logo meaning designs and logos can be added to the puller device in up to four colours on either side depending on fastener options.

  • Red, Blue, Navy, Green, White, Black and various transparent options available.
  • Custom fittings available including crocodile clips, badge loops and split rings.
  • Available plain or branded with your logo in full colour.
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Metal Badge Reels Are A Superior ID Carrying Solution

Are you looking for badge pullers to hand out to your employees that have a bit of shine to them? We have just the right pullers for you. These badge pullers have an attractive medal edge around them that adds style and professionalism to an ordinary badge puller. Like most of our badge pullers, your company/business name or logo can be placed right in the centre of these attractive medals edged pullers.

Pullers come in various colours and your logo can be printed on both sides of it. These badge pullers are great for employee IDs, and promotional gifts to clients. However, they are ideal for employees that are required to swipe an access card on a day to day basis. The access or ID card can be attached, and easily pulled out whenever you need to use it. When the user is done, the card will securely retract back to its original position. This medal edged badge pullers are designed to have a unique look, so your company name will always stand out from the rest.

Card pullers are great for security, always remaining clipped at the waist or attached elsewhere. They also offer a handy substitute for more traditional attachments and ID accessories. In organisations that rely on ID, swipe cards or multiple keys entrances, pullers play a pivotal role in access.

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