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Sili Thick Wristbands

Our extra-wide Sili Thick Wristbands are a popular choice for a number of different uses such as events, promotions and parties.

The extra width on these thick wristbands means that you can add a more complex or larger design to the wristband to give more visibility of your brand name and/or logo.

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One Colour
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Four Colour
160 x 12mm Small Child
180 x 12mm Medium Child
202 x 12mm Medium Adult
210 x 12mm Large Adult
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Further information

These are much larger wristbands than the ones you’ll normally find used at fundraisers, children’s events, parties or even for promotional purposes at a tradeshow. They’re stylish, offer far more customization options and stand out when compared to other offerings. These are highly versatile wristbands that can be used in many situations and the extra space gives you more freedom in the design.

With sizes including 160 x 25mm, 180 x 25mm, 202 x 25mm and 210 x 25mm there is a size to suit all kis and adults.

The text or logo can be printed or embossed/debossed onto the wristband depending on your personal preferences. We can add gradients, swirls and other unique colour effects to the wristband as well if needed. We also ensure that our Sili Thick Wristbands are very long-lasting and durable even if they’re worn on a regular basis while still providing comfort to the wearer. These are made from 100% silicone and are safe to use by children as well.

If you’re interested in the types of designs we can offer or want to learn more about the colours that are available, get in touch with us today and we’ll be more than happy to help with the ordering process.

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