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In Stock Tyvek Wristbands

This wristband is designed with a smaller wearable area for added comfort. Each Tyvek wristband comes sequentially numbered for easy audit control and revenue tracking purposes. It provides the easiest and the most secure method of tagging patrons as well as ticketed admission to your events.

In Stock Colours:

Black, White, Pink, Purple, Orange, Red, Lime, Bottle Green, Yellow, Blue, Cyan (Sky Blue)

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Tyvek adhesive Wristbands for Events, Patron Identification and Admission are ideal for 1-day events This wristband is designed with a smaller wearable area for added comfort and colourful pattern designs. Each Tyvek wristband comes sequentially numbered for easy audit control and revenue tracking purposes. It provides the easiest and the most secure method of tagging patrons as well as ticketed admission to your events.

  • 3/4" wide x 10" long
  • One size fits all and fully adjustable
  • Patented adhesive formula that prevents transferability
  • Patented die-cut design which easily identifies tampering
  • Available in numerous vibrant colours for high visibility
  • Stretch and tear resistant
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Ideal for both wet and dry environments

Companies That Regularly Require Tyvek Wristbands & Event Wristbands

  • Night club and concert venue owners
  • Carnival and festival organisers
  • Fundraising and nonprofit groups
  • Colleges, schools, and universities
  • Conference and trade show organisers

Other Benefits of Tyvek Event Bands

Along with being cheaper, more water-resistant, and more tear-proof than other material types, Tyvek wristbands come with the following benefits.

  • They fit everyone. Because these wristbands are over twenty centimetres long and have an adhesive spot to close the loop, they can fit anyone from a small child to an active adult.
  • They’re customisable. Although there are a variety of colours and styles to meet customers’ needs, clients can create customised wristbands with unique text and images.
  • They can be written on. Plastic and cloth bands are difficult, if not impossible to write on. By comparison, Tyvek Wristbands are easy and quick to write on with a permanent marker or ink pen—and the writing is guaranteed to stay put regardless of the weather outside.

Are These Wristbands Secure?

Because of the twist-, tear-, and tamper-proof nature of Tyvek bands, the event organiser can be assured that the purchaser is the person wearing the wristband. Additionally, every wristband comes with a serial number. These are ordered in sequence so the organiser knows exactly which set of bands come with which order. This makes it simple to spot old wristbands and forgeries worn by attempted gate-crashers.

Choose a Width

Tyvek wristbands are available in two different widths. The most popular bands come in a 1.9 centimetre width, and they are available in countless styles and colours. The 2.5 centimetre bands are available in a few colours and styles. Consult the sales team for help choosing the right style and width for the event’s and the business owner’s requirements.

Customise and Pick a Design

Customers can select a standard design from the vendor’s collection, such as sports, stars, checkers, over 21, VIP, and many more. Once the client has their desired design, they can further customise the order with any black-and-white text they wish, such as event details, the organisation’s name, and more.

Pick a Colour

Each of the available designs may be printed in a variety of colours, so the client gets the band they want each time. However, clients should remember that the neon colours will glow under blacklights or UV lights, making them easier to spot in concerts, clubs, and other nighttime festivities. Neon bands are currently available in four colours: pink, orange, yellow, and green. Tyvek wristbands are the most effective way to secure an event with a failsafe, comfortable, and easy system.

Charity Wristbands

All charities must find ways to promote their causes and spread the word. Those who donate are looking for ways to show support, and wristbands are the ideal solution. They make a cool fashion accessory, and they can be a great conversation starter as well. Wristbands are not only for big charities. With a low minimum order, charity wristbands are great for even small fundraising groups.

Are Wristbands Safe?

Most parents know the momentary panic of losing a child at a campsite, beach or pool. Children are quickly distracted, especially when they’re having fun, and a zonal wristband can help parent and child reunite quickly. With these wristbands, event-goers of all ages can stay secure.

Do They All Look Similar?

There are so many choices in style and colour that clients will be spoiled with all the different options. For multi-day events, a client may want a tab-free band that can’t easily be removed. Night club owners may want a variety that’s a little simpler to take off. With the amount of choices available, there’s no way a client will ever have the same wristband as a competitor.

Are Bands Right for Every Event?

Because there are so many options for companies that need Tyvek wristbands, there’s a style that’s right for every event. From brightly coloured bands that are perfect for night clubs and nighttime concerts to more subdued styles for business conferences, there’s a wristband for every situation.

While Event Wristbands are a relatively new concept, they are becoming more popular in venues all across Australia. If a business owner wants to know how to make Ticketing Wristbands a part of the security protocol at their next event, they should contact the friendly, knowledgeable sales team straight away. With help from the pros, a venue owner can choose the perfect wristband for any event.

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