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Badge Reels: The Convenient Way For Staff To Carry ID

  July 3, 2020 12:12 am
Badge Reels: The Convenient Way For Staff To Carry ID

Badge reels go by a bunch of different names reflecting their fun factor, including "zingers," "wizzers," "pullers," "retractors," "retractable key tags," "badge reels" and "ID reels.” Employees love how they zip away once they're done with them.

Besides these obvious benefits, badge reels offer a bunch of other advantages you should know about too.

Reduce The Chance Of ID Loss

First, badge reels make it less likely that staff will lose their ID. For busy companies, there's nothing worse than having to replace ID tags continually. It's expensive, time-consuming and inefficient. Furthermore, when operatives misplace their badges, it immediately creates a security risk. Unauthorised personnel can use them to access restricted areas of your site.

Most organisations just use simple name tags held on by pins or clips, so colleagues lose their ID all the time, just going about their regular activities. Those who perform any physical work are particularly at risk. Tags can easily snag while they push trolleys or work machinery, falling on the floor for anyone to pick them up and use them.

A post by Action1st talks about securing your organisations premises, they mention: "To readily distinguish unauthorized persons, employees should be required to wear their ID badges/access cards at all time while on premises."

It can't be any clearer than that, wearing an ID card is essential to your organisations security in the 21st century.

By contrast, badge reels prevent nightmare security scenarios like unfolding. Tags remain stubbornly fixed to the wearers - as they should and many suppliers offer a no-twist solution so that the ID is always facing forwards for oncoming security personnel to quickly identify a staff member or contractor.

Improve Efficiency

Modern organisations need strategies to not only protect the perimeter of their premises but also compartmentalise different areas of their operation. Often there's no need for colleagues from one department to access the facilities of another, so compartmentalisation makes a lot of sense. It protects everyone.

ID tags provide both exterior and interior access capabilities. But, again, there's a problem. Clipping and unclipping access tags every time you want to access a new area is time-consuming. Colleagues have to physically take their cards off their shirts, scan them on machines or show them to security personnel, and then re-clip them. It makes moving around your premises way more complicated.

Badge reels, however, offer some much-needed balance. They reduce time overheads without compromising your current arrangements.

Market Your Brand

And, lastly, today's badge reels aren't the dull, grey, lifeless products of old. Now you can get pullers in dozens of shapes, sizes and functional options. Nothing is stopping you from slapping your logo on them to make them match your corporate colours. You can even change the chassis, depending on your organisation objectives.

So, in summary, badge reels are a convenient way for your staff to carry ID. They slash the time it takes for colleagues to identify themselves while also adding the fun factor and branding advantages. It's time you started using them in your organisation.

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