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Clear Loop Back Identification Holders

This brilliant identification holder is a great, fast and convenient way to carry ID at any event or corporate function. We have several different sizes to choose from, that will accommodate various inserts our ID holder sizes.

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Sizes Available:

Square fit 100x100mm

Landscape: 80x100mm and 60x90mm

Portrait sizes: 100x80mm and 90x60mm

A handy and convenient identification holder for your staff

As a business, any favor that you give your employees is returned in the form of peaked productivity and strong loyalty. Businesses don’t have to spend a fortune to make their employees happy. They can show their care for their employees with big things like medical cover, dental insurance etc. and things as little as providing them with a loop back ID card holder. A loop back ID card holder might look like a simple thing - which of course it is - but it has some great benefits. At Lanyards Factory, we make things even better by pushing quality and customer care standards higher.

Advantages of Loop Back Identification Holders

Our loop over identification holders are made from high quality plastic with a big loop on either top or left/right side. With the loop back mechanism, you can hang the card anywhere where the loop fully wraps around. Your employees won’t have to put the card in their pockets as it can be cumbersome for them with keys, mobile phones and other stuff in their pockets. They can simply hang the card with their belt. To make it even better, you can buy lanyards and hang the card with those lanyards. This can act as a great marketing technique for you to have a printed lanyard with your card that has your company’s logo on it.

With regular ID holders, there is a small slit given on top through which the lanyard or ribbon has to pass. The big challenge with those cards is that they only work with lanyards or you have to buy extra metal or plastic holders to hang them. On the other hand, our loop back identification holders have the loops attached to them already. This means you don’t have to spend any extra money to buy plastic and metal clips. If you don’t want to spend money on lanyards too, these cards will be the best choice for you

Why choose us for your identification holders?

At Lanyards Factory we have dedicated ourselves to producing only the high quality products. A loop back ID card holder might seem like a simple thing but there goes some effort in making these. If you buy some bad quality ID holders, they will separate into two pieces faster than you can imagine. It is only through high quality materials and sheer efforts in making the ID holders that we are able to come up with high quality product that stays with your employees for years. We also make sure that we use only high quality plastic in making them. This plastic looks like glass i.e. has a perfect transparency level to let the ID card shine inside it.


One of the biggest issues that businesses face when looking for is the right size and shape. A huge holder with a small card in it seems like a big shopping bag. And when the holder is too small, the card never fits in there. Another big issue is the orientation of the card. Some cards are made vertically and some horizontally. If you put a card with portrait orientation inside a landscape card holder, you won’t be able to hang it around your neck or on the belt in an upright position. It will be rotated 90 degree to either left or right – sign of an unprofessional job at marketing. At Lanyards Factory you find tall, wide and square cards.

Competitive prices

We offer competitive prices if not the cheapest. We are more focused on providing high quality products to our customers than luring them into buying a bad product at an unbelievably cheap price. Our prices will never be a problem for you whether you are ordering a huge or mediocre bulk quantity from us.

Customer Service

We understand the value of good customer service in the modern business environment. Our focus on customer experience puts us in a position to offer the friendliest, polite and helpful customer service to our customers. Whether you have an issue with our product or you want to know more about our huge lineup of products, we are always more than happy to help you with your concern.

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