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How Lanyards Help Non Profit Organisations

  July 2, 2020 12:10 am
How Lanyards Help Non Profit Organisations

Long-standing charities and non-profits know that lanyards are one of the best visual tools in their arsenal to get punters pumped about donating their cash to a good cause. They might sound like a trivial detail, but marketing is all about sweating the small stuff. Lanyards can literally change the way people feel about canvassing staff, potentially increasing your revenues. Once you get on the lanyard train, you never want to get off. 

The versatility of lanyards is neverending. There are all sorts of ways they can help non-profit organisations, besides making your staff more approachable. 

Sell Them To Make Money

A guide from Hubspot about raising funds for charity mentions that non-profits and charities need tools to generate revenue. Sometimes, pure altruistic giving isn't enough. Punters want an item in return to show that they have contributed.

Non-profit lanyards, therefore, can form an integral part of your fundraising efforts. You just buy them in bulk at super low unit cost from people like us, and then sell them on at a hefty markup. They never go out of date, so you don't have to worry about inventory. And they allow donors to show off their charity spirit. Everyone will know how virtuous they are.

For-profit companies will sometimes buy lanyards off you for their staff in bulk if they want customers to see them as socially responsible and ethical. Think how much money you could raise if a major organisation placed an order for 10,000 units. You could make a fortune!

Show Who Has Donated

Here's another sneaky idea: give donors coloured lanyards at fundraising events that correspond to the amount of money they've given you.

People who donate, say, $10, could get a white lanyard. Those who give between $25 and $50 could get a yellow one and so on. Those who donate more than $1,000 could get a top-of-the-range golden lanyard. You get the idea!

Then, the people who've given the most can walk around, high and mighty, making everyone else feel terrible about themselves for not emptying their pockets more.

Easily Organise Night-Time Events

Over the winter months, the days are short. But the need to raise money never goes away. Charities need their donors.

Reflective lanyards are the ideal accompaniment for winter fundraising activities. They help keep everyone safe and secure on sponsored walks or homeless sleep outs. You can immediately see where everyone is, while automatically drawing attention to your branding and logos.

What's more, reflective lanyards are a kind of fashion statement. As statement pieces, they're just fun to wear. Everyone wants to try them on. Try it yourself.

Use Them Again And Again

Finally, lanyards have a much lower cost per mile than traditional marketing methods. You pay a small fortune to get your brand in front of a 1,000 people on social media. But with a lanyard, there's no marginal impression cost at all. Once you buy them, that's it.