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How Lanyards Can Help Corporate Organisations

  July 12, 2020 11:49 pm
How Lanyards Can Help Corporate Organisations

Instantly Determine Identity

There comes a point in the life of any organisation when it grows so large that it's hard to remember who is who. Colleagues can be busily working away next to somebody and not who the heck they are. It can be a little unnerving.

Corporate lanyards help to slice through this confusion by providing a clear indication of who people are and where they are from. It doesn't matter what department they call home or whether they're just visiting for the day, staff get instant peace of mind. With a lanyard around their neck, colleagues know everything they need to know.

Products like pre-printed staff lanyards or visitor lanyard are a cost effective way to segment visitors to your organisation or event. However many companies elect a custom printed option with their company branding and colour scheme.

Create A Great Impression With Interns And Fresh Starters

Recruiting and retaining top talent in an organisation isn't an easy thing to achieve in todays competitors climate. Your premises might be spotlessly clean and your colleagues impeccably dressed, but if your receptionist hands new starters a grubby badge and then marches them off to their desks then it's not going to create the best first impression.

The onboarding process should be a delightful experience, full of pleasant surprises, such as beautiful, neat and tidy lanyards. Maybe even a merchandise pack featuring a t-shirt, badge, lanyard and pen or USB flash drive.

Remember, first impressions matter a lot in today's corporate world. Talented professionals are few and far between. And so when you bag that unicorn employee, you want to make sure that they stick around for years to come. Slapping some greasy tag on their shirt won't endear you, and you could end up scaring them off. Not what you want at all!

Lanyards are widely considered to be the superior solution. They're more hygienic, less invasive and have an inimitable professionalism about them.

Advertise Your Brand While Employees Are Off-Site

Here's a sneaky secret most companies don't know: lanyards are one of the best ways to advertise your brand off-site and get audiences familiar with it. Whenever your colleagues travel to a client, host an event or operate a mobile stand, they can put them around their necks and promote your company.

If you're feeling really cheeky, you can ask your employees to wear them to and from the office. Doing this exposes your brand to people on the bus, train or walking along the street.

Wearing a lanyard also comes with a certain degree of gravitas. There's something special about the businessperson, strutting down the street, with a hefty tag adorning their neck. It speaks to their urgency, professionalism and need for service. Colleagues may actually prefer to wear lanyards in public, once they start experiencing the benefits. Suddenly, everyone seems to want to bend over backwards to please them.

So what have we learned? Essentially, we've discovered three things:

  • Lanyards help people in your place of work quickly identify each other
  • Lanyards create a great first impression and improve the onboarding process
  • Lanyards help you advertise your brand while employees are off-site

Using lanyards in your organisation, therefore, is a total no-brainer.

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