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Overnight Lanyards at Wholesale Prices

Do you need wholesale lanyards overnight and/or cardholders within 24 hours? We offer in stock lanyards and card holders that are ready to be shipped to you immediately. If you place your order before 1 pm, your order of lanyards will be shipped same day via express courier directly to your door!

What makes a good lanyard and ID supplier

If you are a business that requires lanyards, ID card holders and other similar products on a frequent basis, you would want to pick one company and stick to it forever. You don’t want to change the vendors over and over because that’s not a good B2B strategy. Furthermore, as you continue to pick new companies for your lanyards and ID card holder needs, you will be risking reliable and quality products every time you order. We at Lanyards Factory are proud to be a part of this industry as a reputable and trusted vendor by hundreds and thousands of customers. Here are some important considerations when you want to choose the best company for lanyards and ID card holders.

We specialise in lanyards and ID overnight

The company you want to do your lanyards and ID card holders for years and years should be doing it full time. They must know the ins and outs of this industry to serve you better. Ribbons, plastic cardholders and other similar stuff might look simple on the surface but meeting requirements for thousands of these products while still maintaining high quality is quite a challenge. Not to mention, some clients like to get things done their way. Only the professionals who understand this work can meet such requirements.

We Have A Huge Australian Stock Range

When a company makes these articles on a full-time basis, they will have many options available too. For lanyards, they should have many different colours and thicknesses available. In addition to that, they should also be able to provide you with printed ribbons so you can have them personalised for your brand. For plastic cardholders, they should have the soft and hard plastic options available. Furthermore, they should have square, landscape and portrait ID card holders available to meet the varying needs of different clients. When they have such wide range of options available, you can rest assured that you will not have change your vendor if you change the dimensions of your cards in future.

We customise any of our products on demand

Lanyards and ID cards serve as great marketing materials for businesses. When it comes to lanyards, you will have to choose the colour, thickness and print to personalise this item according to your requirements. Lanyards Factory stocks a huge variety of lanyards so you can find one that is exactly the colour of your brand. In addition to that, lanyards can have your company’s logo, a mission statement or some other artwork printed on them. The big challenge here is that not all clients are ready with a logo. Some clients don’t have any logo and so their artwork has to be created from scratch. Not all companies are in a position to do that but with Lanyard Factory, you can have your logo created from the scratch. And if you are even deeper into branding, you can even have coloured ID card holders. Lanyards Factory also has striped ID holders where there is a stripe at the bottom of the card that could match your branding colours.

We do it in rapid turnaround time

This is an area in which Lanyards Factory beats all the competition. There are times when you might need lanyards and ID card holders on an urgent basis. Maybe you forgot to look into your inventory and when the new batch of students was formed at your institute, you realised that you did not have enough lanyards and cardholders. What could be done in such a scenario? Well, that’s why Lanyard Factory has made the overnight 24-hour lanyard delivery possible. While this is not something that you will need frequently, but what if you needed it someday? We care for our customers and this is why we don’t take advantage of the situation. Our lanyards and ID card holders, even with this overnight shipment option, are available at wholesale rates. This is how a great B2B relationship is created. Whenever you need such supplies in a hurry, you will always have the peace of mind that there is someone to help you on an urgent basis.

We have unrivaled customer service

How could a relationship be made any better without a good customer service? We pay extraordinary attention to making every interaction with our customers a memorable one. You have to realise that lanyards, ribbons, cardholders etc. are items that are ordered in bulk quantities. Buying them can involve a lot of bargaining and negotiation at times. During this negotiation there should never come a point when you as a customer feel pressured. Furthermore, such negotiations should only be considered professional and they must not cause a relationship to come to an end. If you pay attention to the points mentioned above, you will realise that there is no other company suited for your lanyards, ribbons, card holders etc. needs more than Lanyards Factory.