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Extremely durable hospital staff & medical lanyards


Are you in the medical field, and not sure if some of our lanyards would be right for your staff? No problem. We have lanyards that are specifically designed for people who work in any medical field. There are two choices of lanyards designed for medical offices, and businesses. The adjustable lanyards and the multi-safety lanyards. The adjustable lanyards come in various colours, and they can be resized to suit your specific needs. Due to the detachable plastic clips, they are great if you and your colleagues worry about getting your lanyard stuck during an emergency situation. The multi-safety lanyards also come with clips that can be easily undone in an emergency situation, and come in numerous colours as well. There are also different fittings available for this particular lanyard. Both of these lanyards can be customised with your company/business name or logo on them. They are truly tailored to fit anyone in the medical field that is required to carry their credentials on them on a regular basis. Giving these out to the employees in your office provides a safe card holder alternative, while promoting your business name.