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Standard Printed Plastic Cards


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Minimum Order Quantity: 250 units

Our printed plastic loyalty cards are a perfect fit for the promotion of your organisation, in the pockets, wallets and purses of decision-makers. Our VIP club cards are now offered with custom colours and unique shaped cuts for bold, and noticeable branding, these custom printed loyalty cards will promote your business without you lifting a finger. Custom-designed with any print graphic and colour gradients, then cut to any moulding, size or shape.

Add a magnetic chip, barcodes and identifying sequential number to transform a promotional card into a recognition technology.

There are many creative applications but some functional examples are to fasten to keyrings, print as wholesaler loyalty cards and memberships to professional bodies, schools or VIP clubs. CMYK digital-print decorated, including photo option.


Plastic Card Options

These membership cards are 100% customisable. You can have any business name, logo, or design printed on them, and we use CMYK digital printing to incorporate your signature design on these cards. So you can be sure the design will stand out in the most vivid way possible to help catch the eye of perspective clients, customers, or members. You can even have each membership card in your order cut out to any shape that fits your specific design. They can be equipped with barcodes, magnetic chips, or sequential numbering. They can even be designed to attach to a keyring, if that is what you require for your business. These Printed membership cards are excellent to use for company or business credit cards, restaurant or store gift cards, access cards, VIP membership cards, library cards, and much more. The possibilities for these cards are endless. So if you are looking for custom printed cards for your company or business, these Printed Membership cards are the best way to go.