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LED Polyester Lanyard



Minimum order: 50 units

These promotional led lanyards are manufactured from a high-quality woven material into a strong, shoe-lace style. The led's are sewn into the tubed polyester. These lanyards can be custom branded to match your business or brand by being screen printed with your choice of branding in up to 4 different colours. As a tubular option, compared to the flat type they are much more comfortable along the neckline, these are soft to wear, long lasting and extremely durable. These put a new spin on the original and most cost-effective bespoke lanyard solution. They include an on/off button meaning you can turn on the led's no matter what time

Standard length is 900mm however these lanyards can be cut to any length.


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 Standard Lanyard Widths

Lanyard Fittings

Choose our lanyard cords for maximum comfort & durability

These lanyards are made with the most comfortable type of material used for making lanyards. The comfortable look and feel of them is due to the edgeless tubular material that these particular lanyards are made of. The standard length of each lanyard is 900mm. However, they can be cut to any length, in order to fit your specific needs. Your unique company name or logo can be imprinted on each lanyard in up to 4 different colours.