PVC Card Holders

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If you’re in need of ID card pouches in a short amount of time, our in PVC card pouches may be perfect for you. Although these are in stock PVC card holders that can be shipped to you quicker than something that is not kept in stock on a regular basis, the size of these card holders can be customised to your needs. The inserts on these PVC card holders come in these sizes:

  • 90mm x 60mm insert (portrait style)
  • 60mm x 90mm insert (landscape style)
  • 100mm x 80mm insert (portrait style)
  • 80mm x 100mm insert (landscape style)
  • 148mm x 105mm insert (a6 portrait style)
  • 100mm x 100mm insert (square style)

These card holders are equipped with holes at the top of them. So they can be attached to a lanyard, belt, or keyring. They are transparent in colour so the users ID will always be visible. If you’re running a business or company, and your employees need to carry an ID, these in stock PVC card holders will keep their ID cards from getting lost, stolen or damaged. And because they are normally in stock, they are great for people who need ID holders, and are in somewhat of a time crunch.

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