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Bottle Opener Pullers


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We provide customisable retractable card holders (otherwise known as retractable badge pullers) and can print a logo on one, or both sizes using up to four colours. 

What makes us better

These small devices are ideal for security and provide a more convenient alternative to carrying around a badge and increasing the risk of misplacing it, or losing it completely. Card pullers are especially convenient for events or companies which utilise swipe cards on a daily basis.

Our badge holders have a maximum length of one meter, making it a simple matter to extend your card to be swiped or inspected, especially when you’re in a hurry.

We can print your card pullers in any colour you’d like and even include a logo or brand if required. Combine them with a clip of your choice to ensure they’re well protected and easily accessible for maximum convenience.


These Bottle opener pullers have two different features, which basically gives you double the product for your money. At first glance, these helpful little tools may just seem like ordinary bottle openers. However, it can also be used to hold an ID or access card that is able to be stretched out for ease of use, when attached to the bottle opener puller.

These bottle opener pullers can also be customised to promote your unique, brand, business, or logo. They are an ideal purchase for someone in a restaurant, bar, or lounge type of business.

A bartender or waiter will have the ability to open a loyal customer’s drink, while openly carrying their required ID, or access card. If your employees need a card to access doors or registers, they can save needless time fidgeting with a wallet or pocket, and simply stretch out the puller to use their card. The best part is that they don’t even have to worry about putting away their card. It will simply bounce back to its original position.