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Bespoke Size PVC Card Holders



Minimum Quantity: 100

While these are our stock sizes, we can also work with custom sizes for whatever it is you require. Also, please take note that thicker paper, booklet insertion, or a thick card may require extra room around the sides as compensation.


These Bespoke size PVC card holders are equipped with double pouches and a hole located on the top of the card holder. That way, you can hook them on a neck chain, or keychain for easy access.

The standard size for the front pouch is 102mm x 102mm and the standard size for the back pouch is 102mm x 155mm. However, the size of these PVC card holders can be customised to fit your needs. Do you need to be able to fit a small booklet in your PVC holders? No problem. You can even customise the thickness of each PVC card holder in your order.

Due to the customisable features and durability of these cardholders, they are ideal for companies to hand out to employees that are required to keep an ID on them at all times. It gives them a safe, and easy accessible place to keep their employee IDS. Ordering these card holders can even save you frustration and money. You will not have to worry about needlessly replacing employee IDS that become lost or destroyed.