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Alligator Clip on ID Holder



Minimum Quantity: 50

Easy-to-use and fast to attach ID card housings that are fitted with an alligator clip for convenience. Nothing else is necessary except the ID card itself! We can also custom-make other sizes upon request.


Standard Sizes Available:

Landscape: 60x90mm and 80x100mm (insert’s size)

Portrait: 90x60mm and 100x80mm (insert’s size)

Square format of 100x100mm (insert’s size)


These plastic card holders are equipped with a clip that can be hooked onto a belt or pocket. The standard size of each Clip-On ID Holder is 85mm x 54mm, and they all come in a translucent colour. That way you can be sure your ID cards are always visible, eliminating the hassle of needless ID checks holding up your company’s valuable time. These ID holders also have a unique design with a cut out on either side, allowing the user to easily grip and slide the card out when needed. Although these are Clip-On ID holders, you also have the option to attach them to a lanyard or keyring, if that is more suitable for your needs. These ID holders are a must have for companies that require their employees to carry visible identification on them at all times. When you issue each employees ID or access card, you will be able to provide a safe place for them to visibly carry their ID.