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Chrome Pullers

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Our range of retractable badge pullers are stylish, convenient and designed for security. Wear it on your waist or attach it to a lanyard around your neck for an easy option that you can access at terminals and checkpoints. Find the perfect style and shape for you with this broad selection of pullers – also ideal for keys or various other accessories.


Unlike other pullers we offer, these particular pullers offer a chrome finish. These chrome pullers are great for people in upscale companies or organisations. When looking your best at work is a priority, the chrome pullers can offer an added look of sophistication and professionalism. Like most of our badge pullers, these can be customised with your own unique company name or logo on them.

You can even customise the shape and colour scheme of your logo design. These high end chrome pullers can easily be hooked on a belt or lanyard for convenience, and ease of use. They are ideal for companies to hand out to their employees. They provide a safe place for them to keep their regulation IDS or badges on them at all times. However, due to their shiny and unique chrome finish, they are also fantastic to give out as thank you, or promotional gifts to clients.